Moving to the Dark Side ... first time Naimie

I would advise caution with Magneplanars. Many years ago I used to have a pair of MG2.5Rs and when the big valve amps that I used with them (4 x EL34 per channel) had to be serviced I substituted an Audiolab 8000A - quite a powerful integrated amp in its time - and it struggled, sounding not very good.

While Naim’s old integrated amps are powerful beyond their ratings and hold up well into lower impedances, they are still fairly low in power (NAIT is around 13W/channel, NAIT 3 and NAIT5 around 30W/channel into 8 ohms). If you want a small NAIT that’s a relative powerhouse then look to the NAIT 5i and its successors; 50W into 8 ohms but IIRC was tested showing a 500W peak into 1 ohm.

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As Richard has said, I would be wary of using the Magnepans to evaluate the Naim sound with a Nait of any description.
My earlier comment applies
"I suggest the better second hand value would be to look for a nac 62 plus a Nap 140. This would work on a wider variety of sources, speakers and room sizes and has the Naim sound. "

This is a surreal thread!

Question: how do I find out if I like Naim amps (not recognising the blindingly obvious answer!): my dealer says try one – what do you lot think? Answer: erm, try one like your dealer suggested? Response: Oh yes, I’ve actually got one already but forgot about it! Shall I try it? Recommendation: use NACA5 cable. Response: I’ve got that (bought with the forgotten amp), but don’t want to use it. Any alternatives? Then grudgingly: well, I’ll try first with the NACA5

I’ve got speakers that sound phenomenal, and would like to hear what they sound like with a Naim amp adds. I’m tempted by Maggies but won’t go down that road yet in this thread. …19 hours later, without trial yet of the Nait with existing speakers to see if likes the sound: are older Naim integrated amps powerful enough to drive current hungry Magnepans?


Yes sorry … I was getting ahead of myself with the Maggies - first things first - how does a Naim sound without any additional complications at this stage (I was thinking too far ahead of an itch that needs scratching).

However - 500W peak into 1 ohm - that’s impressive!