Moving up

Currently have the nait xs 3. Would like to move up.

Was thinking to do it this way:

Nac 202 (needs naps I think)

The 250DR is a good move but I would suggest a 282 as the 202 will hold the system back.

If budget is tight replacing the Supercap with a Highcap should still give you more music.

And if budget is not a problem you could listen to a 252/Supercap/250 .

It could also help if you let us know what sources you are using.

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Budget is flexible, but of course limited, for now. I’ll give it a try.
I want to enjoy the update and update in waves.

I already have a psu, so the first upgrade can be a nac?

I will as always suggest a demo of your options if possible. I hope you find an upgrade you enjoy

If the source is good enough a pre-amp is the next step for most people. But, as mentioned, I would suggest skipping the 202 if you are aiming for a 250DR

For what it’s worth I have a XS3 as well. I recently spent £700 on a phono stage upgrade. The difference was significant. My plan is source upgrades until I’m happy with those (basically a new TT, and streamer replacement) and then think about an amp and speakers to match.

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If you put full system details in your profile it will help people to give more useful responses.


The source is Auralic Aries G1, IIRC, but yes, profile details save lots of time!

I do wonder why people might not include them. Fair enough if one is not happy sharing, but then why ask about upgrades when context usually matters. @Ivo any reason not to include details in your profile?

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I have no reason. I just did not look in the depths of the forum profile. And the source is the Altair G1 :slight_smile:

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I don’t know much about it, but is the G1 good enough to front a 282, Supercap and 250DR? On price alone one might suspect not, but of course price isn’t everything.

I am interested in this thread and also have a xs3. Do people think this upgrade would be comparable to or better than upgrading to a supetnait 3.

Please don’t write off the nac202- many suggest you skip it and look at 282 but a 202 is a fantastic pre amp, can be had for way less cash than 282 and permits upgrading by adding napsc and hi cap when funds allow, you can even dr it with a hi cap-dr… plus should you find yourself hooked in to the naim sound if u buy prudently you will get most of your cash back should you eventually want to sell your 202 and spend way more on a 282 (for example). I can’t fathom why so many side step or advise against the 202, I bought one in 2006 - it has given me 15 years of musical joy and with the addition of napsc and hicap-dr showed me the benefits of upgrades without having to remortgage the house… go listen to one you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised, the 202 will work really well with nap200 or if you get a windfall a nap250… a 202/250 are great amps, better than any integrated naim amp, great sq, great value and very versatile


I agree. I had 202/200/hicap for some years and enjoyed a lot. Was a big upgrade vs previous 112/150.


Too true, the NAC202 is consistently overlooked.


Yes, it’s a great preamp in my books, even when powered by a 200DR instead of a Hicap. Didn’t gel with a 250 at all though, I tried to like it for the extra bass and control that the better power amp bought but it just wasn’t as enjoyable as the 202/200.


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