MQA and Qobuz

Screenshot of Roon info whilst streaming from Qobuz. Surprised to see MQA from them?? Can’t now recall the track but someone will know from the background.

Was discussed on the Roon forum. If a label only supplies the MQA stream to Qobuz, then you get the MQA stream from Qobuz. In the discussion I found on the Roon forum, the (only) known instance was the 2L label. See the “Qobuz MQA file” thread on the Roon forum


Thanks for that. Exception rather than rule.

Probably. I think there are some others, but not many.

The track should be in your Roon history if you wanted to look it up, even if you’ve cleared the queue. I’d be interested to know if it was a 2L release.

Please no pollution of Qobuz !


Found it! From the album “The Nordic Sound” on …….2L !

Cool. Thank you!

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