MQA CD Capabilities

Yep, the NDX can play DSD64.

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The title of her newest album is Clique. Higher and Clique were produced at the same time but she released Higher first. I stream FM 91 from Toronto, CA. This is a jazz station. They publish an online newsletter available for viewing on their web page only. They interviewed Patricia Barber and you still be able to find the interview.


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Thanks for the information stating that SACD is a hybrid. I do not use Tidal at this time but never say never that I might use it.

I agree. Why make this so difficult for us to purchase a product that will work with our Naim products.

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Yes, I have the NDS streamer.

The DSD should work then?

The Naim streamers and nDAC convert to PCM before playing so you’re not really hearing DSD. I use Roon to convert any DSD stuff I have to PCM before playing particularly because I use a touch of DSP.

Sure, as is explained in the linked thread, too. But the question seems to be about a way to listen to the album, and both the hybrid SACD and the DSD download accomplish this just fine

MQA on a CD player renders as 13 bits / 44.4Khz - i.e. somewhat less than the original Philips 100 series CD players.

Unfortunately the last 3 bits can’t work properly as a dither component (despite what is sometimes claimed) as they are mathematically correlated to the first 13 bits.

All the CDs from PB that I can find are SACD/hybrid though

A SACD/hybrid with the CD layer MQA encoded, when played on a CD5 XS, will still only render 13 bits of real data…
Just like any other MQA encoded file written to a CD.

Sure, but I can’t find any reference to the redbook layer being MQA encoded. Anyways the DSD download is readily available. I guess I don’t understand what the problem is that the thread is trying to solve :slight_smile:

Apart from the thread title…

MQA CD Capabilities!

The thread title but not the websites that offer the SACD by Patricia Barber for sale …

Still doesn’t invalidate either of my statements about MQA CD Capabilities, SACD/hybrid or not!

Never said it invalidated anything, but the OP was interested in listening to the new PB album and it seems to me that this MQA business is beside the point. I also don’t know where the OP received the info about the CD being MQA, I cannot find this anywhere. And as streamers are available to the OP and the other member interested in the album, the DSD download is an option

Then surely that would have be more appropriate a response than making a (seemingly critical, but certainly overly sharp) reposte about SACD (which isn’t actually relevant to statements about red book encoding of MQA)?

The OP specified wanting CD replay. The DSD download played via the NDS would almost certainly sound better, but I don’t know the OP’s mind and so I’m not going to assume their reason for specifically requesting information about MQA CDs… I’ll just provide such information as I can. (And as the information concerning DSD as an alternative, if this suits the OP’s requirements, had already been presented I saw no need to repeat that.)

Please don’t forget that an SACD/hybrid when played via the CD5 XS or ripped via the Unity Core will still only play the CD layer, and not play the DSD layer on the disk. To play the DSD version you’d need the download file (or a heavily customised DVD player modified to be able to rip the DSD layer).

Is it not available as a standard CD, not MQA? My understanding of MQA is that it is a lossy compression format aiming to give you something that is nominally high res when decoded by appropriate software and played through an MQA licensed DAC (which many hifi DACs are not) - however the “unfolded” result is not a bitperfect copy of the original master recording. Where available, downloaded hi res files can give you true bitperfect copies, while SACD or DVD can carry higher resolutions than CD but whether they can carry the original resolution depends what that is, but need appropriate players or play (or suitable ripper to retrieve to play with a streamer).

I think there must be some kind of misunderstanding because I have no idea what your problem is with my posts if you read them in context. I was trying to help the OP listen to the album he asked about without MQA, and I’m not sure MQA is even an issue here because I can’t find a reference to it on the PB website nor the other places that sell the SACD. But whatever, not interested in arguing and I am out of here