MQA now available on IOS devices

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Very good, but via chromecast to nd5xs2 go in hi-fi and no master…

Yeah same here… I think that’s because the IOS device acts as a remote only and the track is streamed from the Naim which doesn’t support MQA

I use airplay to uniti atom and write Master on Tidal

What do you mean “write master on Tidal*?

I’m not sure about that. I thought that the Naim app doesn’t have MQA functionality. But if you use the iOS app and then play to a new generation streamer by selecting it as a player in the iOS app, then it is using Chromecast and that takes the signal directly from the web to the streamer in MQA quality. I’m not an expert on this though, so could be wrong.

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Naim should adapt its app to mqa file! It would be even now!

The MQA stream will still need to be ‘unfolded’ by some MQA supported software, so if the iPhone can now do this, the signal will need to go via that device.

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No, that is only with the Naim app…

At the bottom is Master sign when I use airplay. When I use Chromecast is Hifi

It doesn’t work like that… if you use the Naim app then it acts as a controller… and nothing to do with the actual media streaming process. The MQA decoding software would need to reside in the streamer.
You can use a seperate client that decodes MQA and obviously send to the streamer via a supported transport such as Airplay… the limitations there would be with the decoding client/app, but that would need to be an app other than the Naim app.

To be honest I have not found the results worthwhile … I now use the MQA decoding process in Roon Core and simply stream the decoded MQA to my Naim streamer via RAAT. Very simple and seamless that way… but yes you would need to purchase the Roon service.

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Okay, I’m going to run some trials using the iOS app and both Airplay and Chromecast to my Nova and compare to the same CD that I have ripped to my Core and see how things stack up. Basically, because these explanations are a bit of a dark art to me I’m afraid.

Well, that was about as successful as a slap around the head with a wet kipper. As soon as you Airplay or Chromecast from a MQA track using the iOS app to a Nova the SQ drops to Hi-Fi and is worse then streaming the same track from Tidal within the Naim App. So using the iOS App seems to be entirely pointless as far as I can tell.

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I have had it on Android for i think two months, but purely used with headphones, can’t say i can tell the difference

Ok pure Tidal master app only on iPhone. But on the app naim x ND5 xs2 Tidal does not make me listen to master!!

Don’t get me started on MQA - I feel very emotional about this. This is a ‘save the pennies’ exercise for the streaming services, nothing more. I pay 20 quid a month for Tidal and expect to have the option to just stream regular flac at 24bit/96khz, not this adulterated Meridian junk. I hope and pray Naim takes a stand here and never supports it. This has no benefit for the consumer unless you’re on slow connections. I would expect a choice: Master lossless flac or Master MQA flac. This would make so much more sense for the consumer.



I tend to agree, I did tests listening to MQA and 16bit and not that impressed. The tests where done using a mates LG handset and Bowers & Wilkins P7s I will cancel my Tidal and buy my music either 24bit where available or CD and use this forum for discovering new music.


Nope Chromecast will only send the standard hifi not masters