MQA on Atom

Yes, I was previously a little concerned that the losses introduced by MQA encoding might still be present if we were listening to the files on non-MQA players, even if they still showed up as 16/44, but it seems that this is not the case.

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Good to know, cheers.

I’ll relax a bit while wading through Tidal duplicates in the Naim app now. Of course, I stand by my earlier point that Naim could do a better job by either hiding or letting us differentiate. Of course, indicating something is MQA when they don’t support it is also a can of worms, so I now appreciate why they don’t do that…

I don’t have a pragmatic solution so I guess that means the status quo ain’t so bad. I’ll shut up now!

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Even before MQA, Tidal always had a large number of duplicated and triplicated albums, artists and tracks, with no clear information about what differences there were between them. I find browsing through this mess rather irritating.


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