Hi, do You know If there are any chances for Mqa in NDX2? I need a streamer but I would like to have Mqa also.
If not I will have to buy Lumin T2 which is nice but…its not Naim



I would add to the voice for MQA support if it’s not too difficult. MQA does sound better with full unfold vs just the first Room unfold.

It gets to the point I use Tidal with MQA capable sources and Qobuz with my Naim

There are so many MQA pro/con threads :slight_smile:

@Richard.Dane I wonder if it would be worth pinning Naim official information on MQA to make this info more prominent and easy to find.

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I don’t think there is anything “official” beyond a few posts from people like Steve (see above) and Clare stating Naim’s current position. Either way, I don’t think its something worthy of pinning up at the top of the forum, unless they feel otherwise of course.

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The MQA debate has rather been done to death. Perhaps the answer is to highlight SEARCH in the Forum rules in bold as well as capitals.


Looks like MQA is rather a non transparent container than a format of raw data encoding.
So, it can be lossy and often is and this explains the debates. The quality depends on the content inside of the container.

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There’s a lot more to it, both technical and legal/openness questions, but as HH said it has all been discussed to death


But where would the forum be if it didn’t have endless repetitive discussions? Many of the debates - ethernet cables, switches, MQA etc - have about ten useful or insightful posts among what can be many thousands of posts that add no value whatsoever and are just the same old people saying the same old thing, over and over. And over. Ad nauseam.


As you see Naim and its community are not so keen on MQA so it might be best that you look a streamer outside Naim if you want to keep Tidal as your source and explore MQA further. Lumin T2 you mentioned seems to be one viable solution. The other option is to move into Qobuz camp which is favoured by the majority of the members of this community. I myself am a happy user of Tidal (but mainly only on CD quality) and have no immediate plans to change the service provider.

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