MQA SCL6 Codec

Sounds interesting relabelled from MQA Air, but no available devices or streaming services.

I like the idea as i do listen on the go 1-2 hrs a day, had high hopes for Bluetooth LE but still no sign of it, ironically my mobile and earbuds support it, but Samsung still haven’t pushed the update touted at launch.

I am using Tidal for mobile, hifi and TV, so this codec would be welcome.

In theory maybe, but in practice we will need to see evidence of it maintaining that bandwidth in usual usage for sustained periods especially where there are many other devices cramming for airtime. I can’t get the higher bandwidth BT codecs to work without dropouts at all on my commute to work.

The Samsung Buds2 Pro support BT LE Audio, LC3 Codec.

Did I say I was using the new codecs? No. I am using the higher bandwidth LDAC or AptxHD codecs and they have issues with dropouts due to crowded airtime on busy transport. Just like Wi-Fi Bluetooth suffers the same issues in an overcrowded environment.

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