Mu-so (1st gen) fails to power up after reboot - help please


I’m a newcomer to this board and would be very grateful for any advice or suggestions. I did search the board for a situation similar to what happened to me but came up empty-handed.

I own a 5-yr-old, 1st generation mu-so system, which --until recently-- functioned very well, except for occasionally dropping wi-fi connections.

A few days ago, however, it seems to have “died”. I was streaming a Spotify playlist via my Android phone over the wi-fi network and, after a few songs, the mu-so dropped the connection. All attempts to reconnect failed, including turning the unit on and off via the remote and the Naim app. The red (?) LED was on at that point.

Having solved occasional connection problems in the past by rebooting, I decided to disconnect the cable and reboot. Upon reconnecting, however, none of the lights on the side nor top wheel came on, as if no power reached the unit. I checked the cable conductivity and other obvious things to no avail.

I have contacted Naim and will possibly face having to send the unit to Quebec (I’m in the US) for repair. But I also read here on the board that Naim actually does not repair mu-so units, which is confusing.

I would appreciate any advice and comments that you might have regarding what might be the problem and also what approach to take to solve it, short of disposing of it. Also, is it true that these units are not serviced by Naim?

Many thanks in advance.

I’m sure that statement about the muso 1 that couldn’t be repaired was retracted that i read, not 100% sure on that though. As for the red light on the side is not good news. When i had a new muso straight out of the box that red light (fault) came on straight away and it was sent back and replaced.

Hi! Naim website has Mu-so support section. There is some info you should check out if you haven’t already.

Naim didn’t use to repair muso, but they introduced a scheme recently. I don’t know whether this covers all musos or just more recent ones. Also I don’t know whether it applies in all countries where muso are sold…

Many thanks for your comments. Meanwhile I did find out that mu-so s are serviced by Focal Naim America in Quebec and I will send it to them.

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