Mu-so 2 Alarm & Sleep functions

Before I go out and order one, could someone who has a Mu-so 2 advise whether one can have more than one alarm set?

What I want is
a morning alarm (at a specified time / volume / station / duration (then off))
an evening “alarm”/sleep ((at a specified time / volume / station / duration = 90 mins (then off)).

The website nor the Naim app that I have for an NDX2 give this level of detail. As this will go in my bedroom, I won’t want to have to use the app on a daily basis as my bedroom is a phone-free-zone. But the remote is fine.


I can only speak for a 1st generation Mu-so which to my understanding does not have an “evening sleep function” of the type that you describe. I didn’t check properly when I bought my 1st generation Mu-so and mistakenly thought that the sleep function did as you describe. I’m not aware of the 2nd generation being any different in this respect but will also be interested if it is.

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You can have it switch on for a set time as just a single alarm and then turn off though. If that makes sense?

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Can you have more than one alarm? ie one in the morning, and another in the evening. So long as both come on at a set time, and go off after, say, 90 minutes, then that would work.

But just a single alarm wouldn’t.

I have a pair of KEF LSX in my office which would have worked in the bedroom, but for some strange reason there is no alarm function within their app.

Only one alarm is available as far as I can see. Again this is on the 1st generation but I’m not aware of any difference on the 2nd generation.

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In case anyone else is ever interested, I have been able to add a “Sleep Function” to my Mu-so 2 by using my Home Assistant (home automation) software and a cheap Aqara zigbee wireless button.

I have created an automation where a single button press turns on the Mu-so at a set volume for a set period, then turns off. A long press turns it off immediately.

A bit of a workaround, but if one has an inner geek in you, it works well. :crazy_face:

Seperate to this, I use the Naim app’s Alarm function for the morning (but have to turn it off manually).


Mu-So 2 has a sleep function. Could you not use that?

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Unless I have missed it, I have only found it within the Naim app, and my bedroom is a mobile phone free zone so needed to find an alternative solution.

Ah yes. Does a tablet/ipad also breach that rule?

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