Mu-so 2 aluminum body

I just bought two new Mu-so 2nd instead of the old first generation ones. Even for an ear that is not too sensitive like mine, the difference in audio quality is certainly evident, so I am very happy.

I wanted to ask one thing: I saw that the case seen against the light has imperfections, something like stains. It’s a normal thing?
Did I only notice it?

Tony, I’m not sure what you mean here. Do you a picture of the imperfections?

Not now, but it’s something you only see against the light. I probably only see it because I’m a “maniac” :sweat_smile:

Is it something with the anodising? It’s hard to say without seeing it…

Yes I think something about anodizing, maybe it’s normal. I just wanted to know if anyone had noticed the same thing


I attached some photos, I circled the slightly stained part.

Thanks Tony, I’m not sure I can see it terribly well in the photos. Maybe show it to your dealer and see what they think? It may be easier for them to see.

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Have you tried cleaning the offending areas, I found on the muso fingers prints or other residue, worth a try with something gentle or what the manual suggests.

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Everything ok, I cleaned the area with a slightly wet cloth and the stains are gone. I was scared :sweat_smile:



Excellent :ok_hand:

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