Mu-so 2 and Logitech Harmony Hub

I have a new Mu-so 2 which was primarily bought to connect it to my TV since it received a HDMI port.

I am disappointed to see that there doesn’t seem to be a way to integrate this setup with my Harmony Hub.

First, sending commands with the included remote is very slow in general and quickly switching between HDMI and internet radio is taking unusually long. It does work better using the app. Switching between your favourite radio stations is also slow.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to control individual inputs through the Harmony hub which is possible though through the app.

I can manoeuvre around some of the experienced limitations as HDMI-CEC allows you to control the muso through the other connected devices, Apple TV or the TV itself.
Sometimes though the muso will not switch input to HDMI and you are without sound meaning you either have to switch inputs by cycling through them using the one button only on the remote or find your phone and fire up the app.

From a user friendliness perspective, the muso fails here. Reading other posts about the 1st generation shows that the behaviour hasnt changed ever since.

Although a good speaker (input source is very important), not sure it is adequate as a tv soundbar in its current state.

My setup is simple, freesat (hardly used, integrated w TV), Apple TV, internet radio and soon a turntable connected to the analogue input.

I can control every aspect of my setup via voice but muso won’t play along with its current limitations unfortunately.

Any thoughts and @Naim still no plans to make muso work with harmony? I am not the first one to highlight this to you.


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My understanding is that Naim uses radio rather than infra-red through Zigbee so unless Logitech start to support Zigbee then there’s no chance of this happening.

We use Harmony with the Mu-so 2nd and everything works brilliantly, except for the input selector; which is not discreet, so Harmony can only leaf through inputs, not select one in particular. This has lead us to disable all inputs except spdif which is what we use on the TV. The HDMI ARC is very flaky [with Sony at least], so we don’t use that.

With my rotten memory, I can’t be absolutely certain, but I seem to think that I just selected the Mu-so 1st gen in the Harmony device list. The 2nd gen isn’t there.

Thanks for your response.

I already have a fairly limited setup but yours seems even more minimalistic.

I cant create a radio focused activity since you cannot choose an input for that. You have to indeed cycle through the inputs to get there. Far from ideal. Your setup works because you are basically just relying on one input source only. However, once you have mutliple source you cant easily switch around with a push of a button what imo Harmony is all about.

In the harmony app is only an option for muso 1 but that only shows that both generations share the same remote.

Bit puzzled on comment above - the remote seems to be IR not zigbee hence why you can use Harmony to ditch the remote but you cannot select a specific input. If i dont point the original remote directly at the Muso, nothing happens.

Apologies, I was thinking of the 2nd gen streamers that use Zigbee

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That is true. We use the Mu-so for Roon primarily and TV second. We don’t use any other input. Not that we didn’t want to but there are too few of us to sway Naim in this matter :-).
Also, see this thread…

You should try the latest release of firmware, you may well find an improvement to HDMI

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That pretty much summarises the limitations.

I think you can see this as an oversight on Naim’s behalf. It also seems rectifiable - is Naim typically commenting on here as well?

I might actually consider returning the unit. I dont think I can live with those limitations.

The sound is good but nowhere near as good as countless reviews make you believe.

No, the forum is for Naim user discussion. There is a Beta group that you can join though to test out and report on future firmware and software. However, it may be best for you to contact Naim support or speak with your dealer.

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That is true. I think it is on the latest now but I haven’t tested if it made a difference. Perhaps the time is now to do that.

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