Mu-So 2 as a reference speaker


You can put your FLAC files on an SDD and attach it directly to the usb port on the Mu-So. If you have a usb thumb drive available you can just copy and few tracks onto it and try plugging that into the Mu-So usb port. You’ll then get a feel for the sound quality and you’ll be able to see how the Naim app works when playing music from the usb port. I’d do this first to make sure I’m happy with results before copying a massive number of files to an SDD.

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Only Unitiqutes that are 24/192 compatible have multiroom functionality.


Good point Neil, this has caught out a few people when they have picked up a ‘bargain’ early model Uniti.

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I know it is not quite related to the initial topic name, but regarding Uniti-range, when we deal with streaming, isn’t it better idea to keep up with the most up-to-date equipment, so you don’t have problem with modern streaming sources and file formats?

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Yes, but the old Uniti models still do what they were designed to do. If that is enough to suit your needs, you can pick up a used one quite cheaply.
The new Unitis, like your Muso 2, have features such as Roon, Chromecast and AirPlay 2 support, better WiFi, a built in UPnP server etc. But if all you want is to play from a local library of CD rips, you may not need all that.

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Thanks for the comment, I’m now planning to build like universal system that will be:

  1. Mu-So as a soundbar for LG OLED C9 + Apple TV junction, for watching lives and my favorite F1, plus calm background music on nights (I’m merciful to my neighbors).
  2. Separate, mMore Hi-Fi - like system, with vinyl playback capabilities, which will be Unitiqute2 for modern streaming and playback from SSD of FLACs, Rega Planar 3 with Exact cartridge, Audiodesign MM Phono Stage and a pair of bookshelf speakers - Dali Oberon 3 seem to have very good feedback on the Internet.
    That all will be in 35 m2 room.

Remember that the Unitiqute can only play via the USB input from memory sticks, and you will probably see no artwork or other metadata. The new streamers are much better in this respect, but the old models ideally need a NAS running a UPnP server to work well with locally stored music.

And just standard computer (MacBook Air?), if connected to the same network either wired or wirelessly can play the role of NAS and UPnP server, if I get it right?

Yes, you can run a UPnP server on a Mac. I would recommend Asset. I would also suggest that you use a wired Ethernet connection for the Unitiqute, and also, if possible, the Mac.

I haven’t heard Muso2, but I have heard Muso1. Great as a “boombox” replacement (infinitely better than any boombox I have heard), but nothing like real hifi, at least not to my ears.

In my opinion only way the Muso2’s speakers can be considered as “reference” is if they are speakers someone (in this case the OP) knows well and thus forms a baseline against which other speakers may be compared - and easily beaten if only through flexibility of positioning. If budget is an issue, then secondhand - even many years old - is the way to buy in my view, maximising buying power. But of course you then need an amp capable of driving them…

At the end of the day speakers set the character of the sound, so are vitally important. Of course, if you are entirely satisfied with the Muso’s sound then there is no need to consider anything else.

Thanks for your inputs, I decided to split between Mu-So 2 as a standalone background music streamer / soundbar for TV and probably build a separate stand more “Hi-Fi style”.
And now I’m buried under tons of reviews, and it’s not even choosing between different vendors, but just Naim-based system may be build so many different ways, so I’m completely lost.
As I mentioned previously, the build should be able of vinyl playback and pair with Mu-So for multiroom.
Now questions became much more difficult for me.
The biggest problem is there is absolutely NO Hi-Fi dealers in Baku, so I’m totally blind (deaf?) and choose components based on their reviews rather than just simply listen to them and decide.

Yes, it is a lot to get your head around unfortunately. Do you have a budget in mind?

If it were me I’d get an ND5XS2 and a Nait XS3, with a pair of nice speakers. If the ND5 and Nait cost too much, get a Uniti Atom. Either system will multiroom happily with your mu-so. The Nait XS3 has a moving magnet phono stage so is perfect for connecting a record player. The Uniti would need a separate phono stage. If you got a Rega deck and cartridge the Fono would be perfect and is not expensive.

Not so much, I’d like to spend around £3000 for my first Hi-fi experience.

Bingo! Those builds are particularly I’m thinking about.
Atom is more preferable logistics-wise, as my English friend and colleague can easily bring it to me (he’s frequent guest in Baku and Atom weights some 5-6 kgs), whilst ND5 and Nait will be of enormous weight. Buying online and shipping Hi-Fi components is economically non-feasable, as local customs fine 36% to all products above $1000 shipped to the country.

As Mu-So 2 and newest Uniti products are created in the era of online music streaming, their buffers allow for lossless/Hi-Res from TIDAL / QOBUZ / Deezer be easily processed and played with no delays. Is the same applicable to older models like ND5XS2 or Unitiqute2?

I think the Atom is a great option then at that price point. I started my Naim journey with the previous UnitiQute2 and it gave me years of great service. The Atom has better streaming options though and has better buffering, so it is more reliable.

And will Atom be enough to power Bowers&Wilkins 606?
It seems it fits under power reqs, just maybe I’m missing something.

I’m not familiar with them, try this thread, or search 606 in the search box:

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That’s part of the beauty of the Mu-So 2. Simplicity.

The old streamers have very small buffers which caused problems for some people with Tidal. Also note that they do not have native support for Deezer or Qobuz, only Spotify and Tidal, although there are workaround solutions for this. So perhaps an Atom would be a safer bet for you if you use web streaming services.
A speaker that pairs very well with the Atom the Dynaudio Emit M20.

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