Mu-So 2 connection to subwoofer via an HdmiArc extractor?


Help out a newbie.

Just replaced my previous home theater with a Mu-So 2, and I’m very satisfied.
Mu-So is connected to my LG Oled via HdmiArc.

There is just a bit of a teenager in me, who would like to hear slightly more bass in certain musical circumstances and those lower frequencies in movies etc. =)

I found a closed topic from two years back, where someone else also was looking for a way to add a subwoofer to his Mu-So 2.
That wasn’t solved back then, but then I stumbled on this device online:
Avantree hax05 hdmi-arc-audio-extractor

Does anyone have any experience on this extractor?
Threat or a possibility?

In theory it sounds relatively easy to extract the audio from HdmiArc signal and send the signal via RCA to an active subwoofer.

But what am I missing here? It can’t be that easy?
Volume control is one open question. Also how about the situation where I would like to just listen music without even powering on the TV? Is the audio still transmitted to the extractor via HdmiArc?

Thanks for any thoughts!

One issue that springs to mind is how would you control the volume of the sub woofer in relation to the Muso 2 ?

Yep… that might be an issue. One solution might be to just pick a subwoofer which has a volume control that can be taught to learn TV remote’s IR command.
Our local brand Genelec has at least one model, Genelec F one.

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