MU-So 2 Firmware 4.2.2 Update Problem

Hello Mu-so. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to install the firmware update 4.2.2. Here is what I am experiencing:

  1. Mu-so is working normally. iPad sees the Mu-so “room”
  2. Starting the update, the iPad switches to a screen where it is attempting to locate the “room”. Nothing happens it continues to look endlessly. Error message is something like "needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network (It ALWAYS is)
  3. The lighted ring on top of the unit pulses on and off regularly/endlessly. Nothing is happening
  4. Status light on the side is steady blue
  5. This activity completely overwhelms the Mu-so and it is stuck in this pattern. The application and remote have no effect on the the basically paralyzed Mu-so unit
  6. The ONLY way to get back to normal operation is to pull the power cord and re start the Mu-so
  7. Update 4.2.2 will NOT successfully update the firmware

Am I doing something wrong? Thank you…

@Naim.Marketing will certainly answer you.
Some ideas : is the iOS on the latest update?
You can power off the Muso , leave it some hours, then power again.
Restart your router too.

Perhaps if the muso is connected via wifi, you could try updating via a wired connection.

Thank you. I have done these things, but will try again!

Yes, good idea. And, yes it is WiFi connected—I will attempt to make a wired connection. Thanks for your effort in responding!

Did this work? Was this resolved?

I purchased a Naim Mu-So QB 2 from authorized retailer. It was an open box but supposed to be “like-new” condition. I can play via Bluetooth but after initially having trouble connecting to my 5ghz router, I was able to connect via ethernet cable and 2.4ghz wifi. In both cases the device turns on the blue light and stays there forever, until power save mode shuts down the lights. I wake it up often but it never gets out of blue light mode

Please help. Is it defective?

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