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I couldn’t find anything via search. Maybe someone can let me know if there is a way to lock the keys and the volume wheel on a Mu-So 2 while playing Musik?
My daughter (10month) likes the Mu-So very much and this would be very helpful function.
If this function is not there, I assume this could be easily implemented by Naim programmers via software when pressing a defined button of the remote for more then 20 seconds?..

Thanks for any feedback

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Hi Andy, welcome to the forum.

I have a 1st gen Muso and unfortunately there isn’t a way of locking the volume wheel when it’s in use.
You can lock it when cleaning via the app, but I don’t think it will play whilst you have it engaged.
You can also limit the volume so it can’t be turned up too high.
Could you possibly put the Muso up higher so your daughter can’t reach it?
I have a 6 & 7 year old so I fully sympathise with your problem.

ATB, Praggers.

I thought the cleaning function was gone now?

I can’t see it on my Qb2, but it’s there on the Qb1s, so it looks as though it was dropped for the 2nd generation.

I wonder why, it’s actually quite useful.

Agreed, my Qb2 is in the kitchen and I now unplug it before running a cloth over it.

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Thanks for the many feedbacks… Actually I habe no issue when my child is touching (or using) my gear. At the end she’s my daughter and that’s just material. :blush:
Sometimes she just turns the volume fully up which results in that I find that funny and like it, but many times she gets frightened and start crying… Maybe it just takes time to get used to…

Anyway. I would appreciate such a function very much…

Kind regards

Hi, although you can’t disable the controls on the Muso, you can limit the maximum volume level. Maybe a good idea given that young children are quite susceptible to hearing damage.
If you go to the settings menu in the Naim app, in Audio Settings you will see a max volume adjustment. If you reduce this, it will limit the max. volume you can get by turning the volume dial. Not the complete solution you are looking for, but maybe worth using anyway.

Yes you are right, limiting volume for sure does the job. At least for the max volume. Still she can act on the other buttons.

Maybe someone from Naim is reading this also and put it into the list of feature request…


Yes would be nice if someone recognizes this

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