Mu-so 2 online firmware update failed

mu-so 2nd generation online firmware update failed.

Can I update offline?

Where can I get the 4.3.2 firmware?

Does the app allow you to try the update again? (Go to Settings > Check for updates.)

No prompt for updates.The iPad couldn’t search for Naim.
The sound knob flashes white. The right blue light flashes.
It has been going on for 12 hours.

Pull the mains lead out. Leave it a couple of minutes. Plug it back in.

It doesn’t work.

Can you explain a little more? What is happening? Does the mu-so work at all?

@HungryHalibut It may need to be reset to factory settings so as to force it to look for an update again? But I won’t interfere so will leave the suggestion with you.

That’s where I was going next, and probably should have asked in my previous post. Together, we are stronger.

mu-so 4.3.2 firmware, where can I download it?

You should speak with Naim support. Contact details are on the website.

You can’t download it. Your muso 2 can, otherwise Naim technical support will have to give you a link.

I suggest you do a factory reset of your muso 2. That will revert it to the last known working version of firmware that is already in your muso 2 and then it will look again for the update on start up. You can find how to do the factory reset on the Naim website or by googling. I’m out and about myself at the moment which is why I am not looking it up for you. But it’s easy to find.

You get it through the on line update, via the app. Have you tried resetting your mu-so, using the pin in the little hole in the back?

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