Mu So 2 qb with Uniti Atom?

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I am looking for a speaker that I could pair with my Atom Uniti for the small room (15 sqm) I am having as Work Office (trendy topic those days). I was looking at the Mu So 2 Qb but was wondering if this was the right fit and not an overkill (price aside).

What would you recommend in the this price range (let’s say not above the Mu So 2 qb Price).

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@Thitetaf when you say pair with Atom, do you mean you will use Atom in a different room, and you want Qb for office? And you would like to use them in multiroom function?

As @timbre alludes to, the Mu-So Qb is an all-in-one player, not a speaker. If you search the forum for Atom & speaker, you will find tens of threads

If wanting to spend less, perhaps the Cambridge Audio YoYo L is a good option? I’ve only heard the M, but was impressed for what they were.

But for the money, if looking for an integrated speaker with tons of connectivity options, the Mu-so Qb is hard to beat.

If you mean passive speakers to hook up to the Atom, the original Kef LS50 are very hard to beat since they’re discounted because of a successor.

Sorry for being confusing…

The room i am referring to is my home office. I have the uniti in my living room. I am looking for a multi room speaker indeed as i feel another all-in device such as the Mu-So could be an overkill ?

If I understand your needs correctly, a Muso Qb2 would be ideal. I have an Atom in my office and a Qb1 in the bedroom and multi room works very well. And Qb2 is a significant improvement on Qb1. BTW as is mentioned above the QBs are complete players, not just speakers.


The Qb2 is excellent. Basically it’s a smaller mu-so with identical functionality but in a smaller box.

If you want to multi-room through the Naim eco-system, then the Qb is the lowest cost option that you have. You would otherwise need an Apple Airplay enabled device or something that runs Roon. If you like the Naim sound and functionality, a Qb would be an ideal choice.

Or Chromecast, or perhaps the OP uses Spotify as a source, or Tidal (assuming Tidal Connect will come soon)…

Yes, but the OP wants to pair it with an Atom, so needs a Naim speaker?

Agree with others Qb is a great all in one, I use one in my bedroom. In fact Atom is in my office which is smaller then yours. For me Qb replaced a Geneva Labs Model S. If you are after multi-room Qb is your best option, if you don’t care for multi-room and you depart from Naim there are other active speaker options, one is KEF LSX.

One other consideration is new vs used, I have the Qb which is good but has no Qobuz, I am sure second hand one is not that hard to find. Qb 2 is better and offers Qobuz.

Huh? You suggested Airplay as an alternative to the Naim multiroom. Felt like you were suggesting the only alternative, I responded by suggesting a few other alternatives.

you want the Mu-so Qb or whatever in a different room controlled by your Atom? That’s what I have (well…had…now I have the Nova.) DO IT. You can get the Mu-so Qb version 1 still, and for half off. That is what I have, the v1. It is great. Mine is in the basement. Yes it’s more, way more than a speaker. So it’s a system on it’s own if you want in the other room. So same or different music, your choice. And none of the sound bars will beat it’s sound. If you are in the US you can get the v1 Qb for $499 new with warranty or the Mu-so v1 for @$750 (from my dealer and others.)

I often use Spotify or Tidal as source indeed.

True, but you can stream Qobuz from the Atom to Qb1. If you mute the Atom, it’s a neat way of playing Qobuz on legacy streamers.


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