Mu-So 2 - Really nice Box

I have bought naim equipment again… :slight_smile:
For around 4 years I had my mu-so 1 and (to be honest) did not use it very often - but if I do, I love it.

Since some time I had an eye on mu-so 2 … read a lot about the improvements.
So finally I bought it - without long sessions of demo.

I instantly compared it to my mu-so 1.
Yes ! It is different. Heared it an once. On the first run, I had second thoughts, as mu-so 1 is more smooth - so it seemed. But as both are fully digital - there is no analogue sound.

Mu-so 1:

  • a bit more at the bass side - less detailed but full (this implicates the warmer sound)
  • has some sort of togetherness, which is very nice, to listen to
  • it has a fine foot tapping factor!

Mu-so 2:

  • a bit brighter in its overall sound (here I like Muso 1 more)
  • tighter and more detailed in bass (very noticeable)
  • way more detailed overall
  • it better can do voices (This is the most recognizable benefit over no1)
  • more airy and better in separation of instruments (when compared to Mu-so 1 it seemed torn apart in the first moment, but this was wrong)
  • more stable in streaming (some albums on NAS were not played by no.1)
  • nicer looking
  • it has a fine foot tapping factor!

Is it lifestyle - Yes! Bit why not - it does not only look good, it has all of naims philosophy
Is it mono - NO! it is stereo!
Is it a bit limited in its soundstage - yes! But it is, what it is. Compared to its size it is unbelievable what it is capable of.
Is it better as mu-so 1. Hmmm… it has more details and it is very foot tapping addictive.
Mu-so 1 is also very good. If I have to choose - I would have taken number 2.
But I do not need to choose - I keep no.1. Why not using both :slight_smile:

There is definitely a break in period - it is getting better and I think it will do so even more the next weeks.

This little box makes me swinging while sitting in front of my monitor - I love it!

No post with questions or even problems … Just - a small review for this wonderful mu-so!


I am considering getting a Muso 2 but am holding back because I am worried that it will not be good enough to actually sit and listen to music in the spare room. Do you find that even though you have a better full naim system that you can still listen to the Muso and enjoy it? I live somewhere that means I can’t go somewhere and test it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi Mark!
I do have a full naim olive system in the living room (with NAC 52 currently in repair). This system is leagues ahead.
The Muso (or my qute2 in the sleeping room) are so good. They both can be used for serious listening.
But do not expect full stereo image - this is a small box, which is not as wide as a system with 2 speakers.
But Muso 2 has this PRAT (music jumping in the room) which I really like.

But if you do not know Muso - please find a way to test! It is really good !

Thanks for the reply. How’s the transparency? Do voices sound real or boxy?

I don’t mind the lack of stereo image.


Voices do sound very real - good transparency. Voices are one big strengths of number 2.
But as every equipment it is dependent to its placement. Mu-so is best place in ear height.


Like many I started out with a Muso Gen 1, it’s long gone but I remember at the time thinking this is all you really need, they’re very good but results are quite dependant on room and placement

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Now I do have a question @Richard.Dane
In the app I now have both mu-so’s the second one additionally displays the song which he is playing when you a at the page where the rooms are listed.
When not playing there is shown “ready”. This morning there was no “ready” shown (as a room it was displayed)- and so it took a few secy until it was online. Is this some kind of sleep mode?

Listened a bit - yesss!
It is a serious system - you easily can hear music in a second system. Voices, airiness, transparency.
its really good!
Both mu-so’s are good, but number 2 can do more - number one is a bit smoother. More party is in number 2.

Listened a bit more - yess… IT DOES!

Sounds great. Sounds like you are really enjoying it. What placement do you use? How close to a wall etc?

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it is on a highborn (85 cm) and I am sitting in a 90° angle to it - at my workplace. Always turning head…
Currently I hear Tame Impala - Currents … OK - there is no way with this album not to groove!
It is not in the lease of a big system, but for second room it is perfect.

Have it 9cm from the wall, but nevertheless set it to the setting “more than 25 cm / no correction” - sounds a bit more powerful and wider. As Muso 1 has even more bass, It is fine with me. If the bass is too much someday, I can expand the distance from the wall and switch with DSP.
But my walls are all Plasterboard - not much real wall so.

I do have a Qute2 in the bedroom firing second TV and also for streaming in bed. Dining plus Working Mu-So2. Living room - olive system plus second Muso for my girlfriend (placed on highborn in right angle to main system). As I also have surround installed, I am way beyond single speaker demonstration :slight_smile:

I do not know, where you are from - here in Germany you can get a Muso 2 (new) under 1k Euro.

1k Euro is a fantastic price for a full Mu-So 2! That’s less than the price of the Qb 2 here in Australia.


Yess - it is a steal. Have no idea, why the price is falling this hard. The prices for used units are higher than for new ones.
The market has nor adapted yet :slight_smile:
Around 1000 Euro (new or used and like new) it is a big deal with muso2

Yep, its a steal here in Germany, and 2 colleagues who heard mine both went and bought one. Brilliant device and well worth the money. Seems stable now after 6 months of flaky SW reliability in the beginning.

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Mu-So 2 Fantastic machine. It just rocks! Use it with good sources like Tidal Master, you will surprised what comes out. I am just astonished every day. Use it via your Naim streamer with Naim App in party mode in different rooms with independent volume control, for example playing from USB or CD on both or several devices. Use it in bluetooth from phone, kids and wife love it. Whatever you play sounds good. I don’t think there is any comparison possible with another one-box system. For people in apartments and younger hi-fi amateurs with a lower budget, this is all you need.

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