Mu-So 2 suddenly no longer working as soundbar

Dear all

So…overnight, without any clear reason, my Mu-So 2 stopped working as soundbar to my Sony tv. The device still works fine if I stream from, e.g., my phone, it’s just when I select audio source = audio system on my tv, there is no sound anymore whatsoever. It still worked perfectly literally yesterday evening, so I am totally flabbergasted,

My Mu-So 2 is connected to the tv via digital cable. I have installed the latest firmware on both Mu-So and tv.

Anyone any idea what causes this issue?

Maybe a mains blip? Have you tried the usual fix for such things, which is first check and remake the HDMI connections then switch off both devices and switch on again? If not, try that. This is my usual procedure for anything connected via HDMI when it decides to act like its not connected anymore (which is fairly regularly).

Thanks Richard. It’s connected via digital cable, not HDMI, but i will try the same procedure later today.

OK, may be similar then. The old switch off, make a cup of tea, then come back and switch on, is tried and tested for curing these glitches.

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Have you checked that the audio output on the TV is set to PCM stereo? If it has somehow had the setting changed to anything else, perhaps during a firmware update, it won’t work.
If your TV has an HDMI ARC output, it’s worth trying, as it’s easier to use than optical. The only problem is that some TVs have very poor, non-standard implementations of HDMI which can sometimes cause problems, but I would give it a try.


I find the optical connections are not that robust and can become loose without dislodging, so check that they are firmly in at each end. Otherwise power off and on everything and kick something.

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