Mu-So 2

I have n° 2 Mu-So cube 2° gen … It’s a pity that I can’t hear them in stereo mode when I am listening music from an usb memory. Is there a Naim device to add to the 2 Mu-So so I can hear stereo?

There is no option to get them to play as left and right speakers. If you want to do that, you should perhaps consider a proper system, such as a Uniti Atom and a pair of small speakers.

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or look elsewhere - maybe KEF

The Mu-Sos are stereo - i.e. have left and right channels and speakers.

In the image shown above of the 2nd Gen Mu-So Qb you can see how the mid and HF drivers of each channel are angled to give as wide a soundstage as possible from such a small single unit.

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I have suggested before, but no one ever reported back how well it worked, that if you have two of them, put them on the left and right in your room and mask the “wrong channel” loudspeakers with padding or whatever, and then you multiroom them, you probably will get a reasonable impression of stereo.

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Thanks David :pray: …this is a good idea…I’ll try :grinning:

I can see what Naim have tried to acheive here, but I can honestly say that my QB2 has no soundstage as such, and certainly no discernable stereo image. Not that this really bothers me, I use it for background music in the kitchen and it’s often behing my back.

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