Mu-so 2d gen frozen in firmware update

A few days ago I started a firmware update for my Mu-so 2d gen. Evidently the update did not finish. Now the Mu-so appears frozen: The status indicator on the side shows blue, and the control dial on top slowly flashes white. I’ve unplugged/replugged multiple times, to no avail.

I have a query to Naim Support, but I’m wondering whether anyone here has ideas. For example, if I could download the firmware to a USB stick and plugged that in, could I get the unit to start the firmware update again?

Factory reset?

I think there is a reset button on the back

I would try a reset. Press and hold the little reset button and see if that does the trick.

I had the same problem. I reset the unit with the little access hole on the right side.
I found that the unit had updated, to my relief and surprise.

I do not know how this is possible, but the update experience has gifted me a new problem: when I try to use the app (iphone), the app only momentarily flashes the Muso Ready screen, and then says it cannot find my rooms. If I quickly tap the screen at the correct moment I am fine, if I miss the flashed ready screen I need to restart the app.

If I don’t hear from Naim about my support request in a few days, I’ll try reset.

I eventually tried reset. It didn’t fix my problem. Fortunately, my dealer tried and somehow made things work. So now I’m good.

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