Mu-So 2nd and restart

I am a new user and wondering how do I restart my mu-so 2nd without removing the power plug? Can not this be done from the app?

What exactly do you mean by restart? What has happened and why mighty you not want to unplug it? There is a reset on the back, which you do by inserting the supplied pin in the little hole.

I want to restart because I do not get any radio stations and can not play music. This has happened several times.

When I have unplug it and started again, everything works fine.

You’ll need to unplug it. Are you using it wirelessly? If so, you may find the signal is weak in the place you have it, and it’s dropping the network. Maybe it would be possible to run a cable.

I use WiFi.

I also have Bluesound connected to WiFi and it works just fine. Never had connection problems, only with Mu-so.

Edit: Also used a cable. It does not solve the problem.

Just unplug it (or switch off if you have a switched mains socket), wait half a minute then reconnect.
It’s also worth restarting your router if it’s a network problem.

I don’t have problems with my network.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, this could be caused by a network issue.

I only have issues with mu-so 2nd.

Even so, it’s probably a network problem. Restarting the router is the first thing to try as you still have the problem with an Ethernet cable connection.

Sure, but the Muso is a part of your network, and under the hood, the way it interacts with your router may be different in some respects to other devices. These issues are not always easy to diagnose, but I would still suspect it’s down to the network, and a router restart is generally the first thing I would try.

I have now restarted router to see if it gets better.

Anyway, it is strange that I have never had problems with WiFi before I bought Mu-So. I have Bluesound, and other devices, connected to my Mesh network for several years without any problems.

I just got a Mu So 2… I’m not sure about it. For starters the documentation is really weak. It came with a quick start guide that is rather inadequate. So I go to the Naim website, go to support and see Muso owners manual, but it just the quick start guide. Also when I launch the Naim app it’s just looking for Room very frustrating product. App is flakey too

The manual is an online tool (I’m not a fan of it personally, I have Muso, Uniti and current streamer which all have the same tool (with different data), so have looked at several variants). Sneakily on the Naim website it is under Naim Muso 2nd Generation Support rather than Manuals and downloads, I’m sure there is some reason for that.

You need to go to
Mu-so 2nd Generation Support Topics
on the muso qb 2 product page

There you’ll find some further but still not great instructions.

I remember my QB2 was a pain to get on the network at first, I had much more trouble with it than with the ND555 but on that I was able to enter the network wifi password via the screen, the muso went through quite a few restarts, and so did the router.

Got it all working. My advice is don’t try to set it up with iphone. Once I switched to my iPad it was quick and easy. The problem with trying to setup on a phone is limited screen space. Also the iPhone app works fine once it was all setup.


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