Mu-So 2nd gen - Chromecast drop out

Hi, I have my Mu-So connected up as a soundbar to my Samsung TV(65 Q90).
When I want to cast music to the Mu-So via Chromecast, it plays for about 2 seconds and then it stops. I find that when I disconnect the HDMI cable, it stays connected and plays fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

It’s a real struggle for me to unplug the HDMI cable each time as my Mu-So is mounded and the TV connect box is locked in a cupboard(children).
A bit more background. I was never able to connect the Mu-So to the TV via the HDMI cable until a recent update. THANKS NAIM!! The issue there was that the Mu-So kept on disconnecting and reconnecting every 2 seconds.

I’m no expert by it looks to me like the Mo-So sends out a “heartbeat” every 2 seconds to indicate that it wants to connect or stay connected to the TV and is causing the source to switch automatically.

Does anyone have the same issue as me, or is mine faulty?

Have you spoken with Naim support yet about this issue? If not, I would recommend you do so.

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