Mu-so 2nd gen disappears from remote

Every few days, my Mu-so 2nd gen disappears from the remote. That is, the remote shows “no rooms.” The only way I’ve found to cure this is to unplug and plug back in.

By the way, the circular control on top does light up.

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Mine do the same. I’ve got a 2nd gen Mu-so and a 2nd gen cube. This didn’t happen with my 1st gen devices. They are connected to different access points in my house so not router related.

It would be helpful to know how your Muso is connected - wifi or ethernet.
If wifi, how far away is your router of access point? Are there walls between the router and Muso? If so, are they brick, concrete or timber?
Are you using an IOS device or Android to control your Muso?
It sounds very much like a network issue here.
My own Muso QB2 is connected by wifi and is sometimes a little slow to appear but it always appears within a few seconds.
I should add that there are many posts on this same or similar subjects, so it’s probably worth searching the forum for these previous posts.

My Mu-so is connected by Wi-Fi. The router is up a floor (ie, wood ceiling in-between), maybe 15 feet separation. I’m using Android on a cell phone.

Have you tried it in the same room as your router? That will definitely help to see if it works close by and is not faulty.

I will add that in some homes, the ceiling construction has metal foil-lined insulation which can block wifi signals.

Putting the Mu-so in the same room as the router isn’t practical: I use the Mu-so in my bedroom (I use Roon Alarm Clock to turn on the Mu-so in order to wake me up), and the router is upstairs from the bedroom and couldn’t be moved to the bedroom (the router needs connection to my cable modem).

The problem hasn’t occurred in a couple of weeks, so I’ll just hope that it doesn’t come back. If it does come back, I may get aggressive in checking out the issue of router proximity.

I really meant to move it closer as a test, to clarify if it works properly in close proximity.

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