Mu-so 2nd Gen Grille up/down sides

I bought an extra grille for my Mu-so 2nd Generation and I doubt which side is up, since the grille fits both ways. From pictures on official web site, it shows that the bumped part is up but from inside the grille, I see a fitting concave part. Does anyone know which side is correct?

Got the peacock version on mine. The “bumped” part is right/up seen from outside.
From inside you got a small marking (round, small) that goes on the left side.

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Thanks for the reply. For me, the round bump inside is at left side of the device but looking at it, it is on the right, obviously :slightly_smiling_face:

I will add the pic here.

I think you have to move it 180°… it is on the wrong orientation.
Here is mine, position is like the factory delivered one (the grey grille).

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Ok then. Thanks.

You are welcome friend :wink:

This picture, with the original grille, confirm the correct position :slight_smile:

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This is such an addiction, especially after starting working from home, spend more time in etc. I get obsessive and obsessive and obsessive about the subtle things… Subtle Mu-so things :slight_smile:

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That’s peacock right? Looks really great. Does anybody know whether these Mark2 grilles also fit on the Mark1? In my case the Muso-QB, not the Muso. Mine is currently fitted with that Blue/Greenish one, I’d swap it right away for this if I could

Qb grilles v1 and v2 are interchangeable.

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QED. Just got the shipment in. Much better having that subtle black speckle…

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