Mu-so 2nd gen remote codes

I recently acquired a Chromecast with Google TV, and when setting up this asks if one would like to set up the remote to control another device. The types of device are TV, Soundbar and AV Receiver. What can be potentially controlled is input, power and/or volume.

I thought it would actually be handy to control at least the volume of the Mu-So which does soundbar duty. But when adding a device, Google lists and astounding array of brands to choose from, many of which I’ve never heard of, but no Naim. Focal is in there, but those codes don’t see to work.

Now I could e-mail Naim and ask them to get in touch with Google, but was hoping someone would have already figured out if Naim perhaps (I think it’s even likely) shares it’s codes with some other brand?

Going through all of them is not really an option.

Should add that I also tried Philips and that it’s a 2nd gen.

Probably one for Naim to advise.

I already did, but somehow doubt they’ll share other brands to use. And adding to Google’s lists likely won’t be quick.

Hence checking if someone’s already figured it out.

I’ll update if I hear anything from Naim.

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