Mu-so 2nd gen

Can the Brennan B2 connect to a Mu-so 2nd Gen, and then onto a Muso-QB?

You can use the optical output from the Brennan into the optical input on the mu-so or qb.
It can’t be “multiroomed” as it’s a local offline audio source, but you can subscribe to tidal or qobuz and use that for multiroom.

Thank you!

If you want to play music stored in the B2 you may be able to get the Musos to access it as a server. I believe you need to enable DLNA in the B2 settings. I did manage to get this working for a friend on an older Brennan with a non-Naim streamer so it may work for you.
Alternatively an optical or analogue connection to the Muso would work and you would then control and select music on the Brennan, not just music stored on its hard drive. If you do this you can use Naim multiroom to play it from the Muso 2 to the Muso 1, but not the other way round.

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