Mu-so 2nd Generation blowing fuses

Hi All
My Mu-so 2nd Generation has blown the fuse in the power cable twice in the last 6 months both times whilst the unit is not in use
Has anyone experienced this issue and is there a fix or identified problem that requires service etc?

If it’s a plug fuse then it’s not likely to be an issue with the Mu-So unless the figure eight connector is not properly seated and is shorting.

Do you mean the muso is powered but not playing music or that it isn’t powered but when you turn it on the fuse has blown (probably at the moment of turn on in fact)?

Also is this the fuse in the plug (as Richard says this is very unlikely) or the fuse in the muso itself?

No went to turn it on and nothing happened so investigated and discovered plug fuse blow will check connector is seated properly

Thanks I will check the figure 8 connector is seated properly

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