Mu-so 2nd generation doesnt connect to Airplay


We recently changed the internet service provider and since then the Mu-so doesnt stream music through iTunes (from our Mac). We have reset the Mu-so to connect through the wifi which is working for Spotify through iPhones. The Mac is cabled (fibre optic) and also on the wifi. The Mac doesnt find the Mu-so through bluetooth. Any suggestions (non-technical terms please) would be welcome. Thank you.

You seem to mix bluetooth and wifi witch is not the same airplay works over local wifi not bluetooth, bluetooth streams directly from one device to a nearby device.
The fact that you have changed internet provider and therefore most likely router suggest something is wrong in the network setup, but without knowing more it is hard to give good advice.
Can the muso play internet radio or any other supported services over the network?

Dear Claus, thank you for the reply. The Mu-so is playing music through the internet radio and also through Spotify (connection iPhone wifi). The Mu-so and the iPhone are on the same wifi network since yesterday. The Mac is now only on the fibre optic (wifi is disconnected) and does not find the Mu-so through bluetooth (it doesnt show up in the drop down menu).

This set-up (Mac on fibre-optic, iTunes streaming through AirPlay) was working till we updated the wifi (ISP). We have restarted the Mac, the router as well as the Mu-so. Thank you again.

Is the new router only 5ghz and the MuSo only 2.4ghz on WiFi ?

I know BT routers said they supported both. But they didn’t I tried to get some inline power blocks to work and only realised when I got deep in the manual they were only 2.4. And the BT hubs were 5.

I’m not overly technical but if you router has changed then check it’s config. Out of the box it may be only 5 ghz and may Wel need turning on for 2.4???

But I’m not overly technical myself

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