Mu-so 2nd generation feature request


The multi-room feature of this speaker only seems to be available when playing audio from within the app e.g. Radio stations. It would be better if it allowed you to use it with audio from other inputs such as digital, HDMI, airplay etc.


Hi Jon, are you sure about that? You can’t multiroom if using AirPlay or Chromecast: they have their own multiroom, but other inputs should all work through Naim multiroom.

I can’t see an option to, it could be that I’m looking in the wrong place. When I click the HDMI icon in the bottom left of the App for example, the four squares that represent multi-room aren’t there. However, they are when playing a radio station.

I’ve just found the following on the naim website-

"To play audio from one Mu-so to another, select material for playback from either the Spotify®, TIDAL, iRadio, or UPnP™ inputs and touch the app’s multiroom icon (in the bottom right-hand corner of the app display). "

I’ve e-mailed their support to see if they plan to support other inputs in future but I won’t hold my breath for a reply; they seem to like to ignore e-mails sent to them. Considering the amount the thing cost, you would have the support would be better.

Another feature request I have is for a user manual for then 2nd generation muso. There only seems to be one available for the 1st generation one on their website which seems a bit odd.

Strange, I have no idea why you don’t see the multiroom icon in other inputs. One for Naim support, I’d say. Maybe try phoning them, as their not answering emails appears to be a common complaint.

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I don’t think it’s supported (based on what I quoted above), it’s not urgent though so I’ll give it a couple of days and then chase it up via their facebook page if I don’t get a response (that got me a response last time).

I actually subscribed to a Spotify account today and that works quite well with multiroom. However, when I switch back to HDMI, the sound keeps cutting out until I power both the Tv and Muso off at the mains and back on again. I think their “customer support” department are going to start getting tired of me soon :slight_smile:

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