Mu-so 2nd Generation - three times a T3 Award winner

Lovely news this morning that Mu-so 2nd Generation has once again beaten all newer rivals to the Best Wireless Speaker crown in the T3 Awards. In such a fast-paced world, it’s a real honour to win 3 years running!


Congratulations. I heard this played in passing at my local dealer and remember stopping to listen to the beautiful detail, musicality of the Muso.

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I have to admit I was reluctant at first, but missing our Naim system in the UK wanted something for my apartment in Germany. Its a killer product IMO and with new SW updates, odd behaviour is a thing of the past now, for over a year now. I’ve caused at least 2 sales here too, once people had heard it. “Whats that odd looking box” Then wow.


I’ve only got a ‘Gen 1’ (but it is the ‘special edition’) & it never fails to get the ‘wow’ factor, from me & anyone who hears it. So, as others have said; no surprises :+1::relaxed:

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