Mu-so amplifier design

They can’t apply the same technology to the Mu-so’s as they would for their standard gear. However, it looks to me that they put a lot of effort to make the Mu-so 2nd sound as good as possible within its limitations. Those direct digital amplifiers need really good power supplies, which is Naim’s speciality.

So, you could be right that it’s just their own take on a standard Class D. However, if they went direct digital, that might have allowed them to get to a performance level above the typical class D while keeping everything compact. One of the advantages of the Mu-so, is they control every aspect of the sound, so they can really dial things in.

Of course, this is all speculation on my part, but it would be great if Naim could illuminate the enthusiasts…

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Hi Kevin - At the end of the day though it’s a wireless music system, voiced in the Naim way so if you’re using it in a multi-room environment (say with a Naim separates system in the lounge) you’re not going to feel short changed as you move to the kitchen where you have a Muso or QB. It’s got to be flexible in placement, be easy to manufacture in volume (in China) and meet a certain price point.

The ultimate limitation is the small cabinet and drivers so the amplifier technology Naim have chosen is more than adequate for this particular application - better amplification here is not going to gain anything. Getting the best out of the chosen technology is Naim’s forte. I wouldn’t get too hung up on the technology used and just enjoy what the Muso has to offer. It’s an accomplished piece of kit and is deserving of the Naim badge.

Hi Richard,

I’m still new to this forum. Does links to audiophile mags/sites prohibited or just if they are evaluating other manufacturer’s gear?

I interested in the technology precisely because I’ve really been enjoying the Muso 2nd gen. So, I’m just indulging in some geekery…

In the Hifi corner please don’t link to anything except the Naim website or threads within this forum. I also sometimes allow links to Naim reviews, where they have been authorised by Naim.

It stops anyone outside of Naim from abusing the forum and using it to promote their own commercial interests.

Fair enough- good luck in your search for enlightenment :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve heard the Cyurs One (original), which I think was pretty good. So even if not at top level (wouldn’t know myself), class D can compete with more traditional designs up to a point.

Also, but this is speculation, I feel like class A and B have pretty much been evolved as far as they’ll go. We’re going to get incremental improvements perhaps, but nothing revolutionary. I feel like class D still has the possibility of surprising everyone with a big jump in quality in the future.

I don’t rule out them competing at a very high level: look at, for example Devialet (though I heaven’t heard for myself)

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