Mu.So as Central Channel

Hi to all

I would like to know if I could implement the following configuration.

I already have an AV2 and would like to use a MUSO as a central channel. I would also like to use the MUSO as a simple soundbar for TV.

So my idea is this:

  • if I start the HT system, the AV2 will pilot the MUSO through the DIN / JACK connection connected to the “central” AV2 output to the MUSO’s Jack Imput
  • if I simply watch TV, I use the MUSO as a soundbar connected via BT (or SPDIF) to the TV

It might work?

Any suggestion is welcome.

Thank you all

Angel, I guess what you propose is possible. The main issue will be in getting the volume level right for the Mu-So when in “centre channel” use. There will always be a bit of juggling there and it will never be exactly the same each time.

Also, forget using Bluetooth as a permanent solution. BT is there for convenience only, it’s not a patch on s/pdif or even the analogue AUX in performance-wise, and BT is notoriously flaky at times if not in perfect line of sight.

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Thx Richard… precious as always👍

Do you mean the original Muso, or the recently released Muso 2? The latter has an HDMI ARC input, which would be your best bet for connecting to a TV. (Assuming your TV has an HDMI ARC output.) Otherwise, just use optical.

Unfortunately is the mk1… so i can use only the spdif…

I run my Nova with stereo in my media room. I’ve wondered whether using a Muso as a pseudo centre speaker using mulitroom would be viable?

I wonder whether there may be a sound sync issue with these proposals, as well as a volume balance issue.



Yes, David that’s quite possible where any A to D and D to A conversion as well as DSP is taking place.

Well, this would be a poor pseudo-center:

  • It’s still playing stereo, i.e. you get the stereo once with “limited width” in the center and “full width” from your normal speakers. Unless you could tell the Muso to run a mono-mode (from the stereo input)?
  • You won’t get the benefit of the “central channel”, like voice mixed there for better “clarity”. Just more of the same stereo signal. (And if you have a Nova, I doubt the Muso will either add quality, clarity or “oomph” to the mix?)
  • Would be a good test, how “latency free” the multi-room setup is.

It’s a nice experiment though - but I would only do it, if the comports are readily available without any investment and hassle.

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Thinking of this:
Maybe Naim can build a streaming-source, which takes in 5.1 sound (none of the new streaming platform can do it) and send it via “multi-room” to different Naim comports for a 5.1 setup? :wink:
(Would be a chance to sell many of the boxes… Nova for main channel, Muso for center, 2 Qb or 1 Atom for rear… and where to connect the Sub? :joy:)

I mean. that’s what others (Sonos, Yamaha, …) do with their components (at least selected ones).
But likely it’s easier to get a real A/V-Receiver…

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Yes, this was more what I was thinking.

Yes, I had had the similar thought earlier, if Apple could do that via Airplay (2) from an Apple TV and using different target systems for the different channels from 5.1/7.1/whatnot input.
But I guess it would be very hard to get a “rounded and precise” system in this way, like getting a proper A/V Receiver and a matching set of boxes.

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