Mu-So doesn't see files on NAS anymore

Today after I added a few more songs to my Synology DS216+II NAS. Now when I turn on the Muso 2nd gen the app doesn’t see the NAS anymore. I haven’t changed anything, just added a few more songs to the NAS. When I click Servers in the app, it just says No Results. How can I fix this?

Have you tried rebooting everything including the router ?

Someone on the Naim FB also mentioned that, I did reboot the NAS and that fixed the problem. But I don’t think each time I add some music to the NAS I have to reboot it. Never had to do that on my Bluesound.

If you mean the Naim App, then music on my server sometimes goes missing:

I have to rescan for it in my server, here:

And here it is again:

As I use Roon it doesn’t matter that much, but it didn’t used to happen with my previous NAS which was running Twonky server

Agree, you should not have to do it, but network devices occasionally get confused and a reboot is sometimes needed to purge the system…

Indeed, will there be a re-scan function for the app soon?

On the app, use ‘other settings’ to reset app. This will clear the caches and reset.

Or often just closing the app and restarting it is enough to get it to show the music…

Ah ok thank you, I thought ‘reset app’ meant bringing everything back to factory settings.

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