Mu-So dropping off of Naim App

Hi - I have my 272 and Mu-So both connected wirelessly to my network. From time to time, the Mu-So can drop off from being visible on the Naim app without warning. The Mu-So is still turned on, can even be playing music but is no longer selectable from the app, but the 272 still is?

I try restarting the App, turning the Mu-So off and on, and still no joy. Then I’ll go back some hours later and it will be there again

Any ideas?

No but mine does this when I take it to a different house. Adding it manually using its IP address overcomes the app’s initial failure to locate it, but it still disappears from time to time. Never does it here at home though.

I have a suspicion that rebooting the router and other network devices might resolve it, but am wary of doing that in someone else’s house.

It’s because you are using WiFi, which can be flaky. I have four wired Naim items and have no such problems.

Thanks HH, yes, thinking about it the 272 is hardwired. Need to think about how I get a cable to the Mu-So

Muso in my dining room on wifi is rock solid, never misses a beat.

The usual suspects that include signal strength, clashing channels with neighbouring routers and other devices like doorbells, portable landline phones, microwave cookers etc should be checked out.

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