Mu So Gen 1 slow load from BAS

Hi Everybody! I am new here and in unfamilar territory so please bear with me.
I have new Mu So Gen 1 completely updated. I am trying to load my 4TB of music stored on Synology NAS DS918plus (8GB RAM) through PLEX . My Plex loads immediately. It takes up to 30 seconds to populate on Naim app even if I move around from iRadio Spotify etc. NAS and MuSo are hard wired into ISP router before Ubiquiti USW switch. Half GB connection and getting 470 down 48 up so I cannot see where my problem lies? I defer to your generosity, expertise and experience. BTW it sound great when its up!! First world problem! Best Regards. D

It may be worth putting Asset on your NAS. Your internet speed isn’t relevant, so it may be that Plex simply takes a while to do its thing. You can get a free trial of Asset, so you don’t need to commit immediately.

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hungryhalibut thank you! Will check that out. Do you reckon that would speed up retrieval of Library then? Taking 30 plus seconds now for each search. Is adding Asset complicated as I am at my limit so far!!? Best.D

If you want to do a quick easy test to see if Plex is the problem you can try using the Synology Media Server which comes bundled on the NAS to see if it’s any better. Asset is better if you want a full featured music server but the Synology server is fine for the basics and you won’t need to instal it or set up a free trial just for a quick test.

I think this is a Plex problem, I tried it once & found it to be far more complex & power hungry than is needed for audio, I believe its designed for video & maybe more.

You might find the very basic Synology Media Server works as well as needed, but better by far is Asset UPnP.
If you do go that way, best you uninstall Plex (& all software packages that Synology allow that you don’t use)

Thanks ChrisSU. Tried that a few days ago and it was far slower to load than Plex. BTW I have 2 muso in different rooms but same network. The problem is the same on both. I tried Synology again now on both devices and Music Library would not load at all.

Ye guys are so good! See my response to ChrisSU. I am loathe to discard Plex as I have used it for 2 years primarily for my music (at home and away) and found it to be seamless and quick. I then thought adding 2 x Muso and using same setup at home would match my knowledge and experience!

At least try Asset, then you’ll know if Plex is the issue.

Would I need to uninstall Plex completely first? I have an expensive plex lifetime pass so would be nice to find another way! Also cannot now get any library from Synology ds918+ server from either device now… Plex can still be got after wait.
Also if I look for music by YEAR or RECENTLY ADDED it loads much quicker. So maybe deal with smaller chunks at a time is workaround? But a nuisance! Any brain waves appreciated…

You can run two servers simultaneously although it will use more resources. Before uninstalling you could just turn off Plex while you try Asset or anything else, then turn it back on.

You write you have 4 TB of music? That’s how many tens- or hundred-thousands tracks?

It might be, if the client needs to load/search such huge lists, this may simply take a long time.

Do you have any other client you use to access the library? Maybe a PC with some DLNA client or a smartphone/tablet?
For speed comparison, to better nail down, if the NAS, Plex, or the apps / MuSo are the bottleneck? The wired network should be „as good as it gets“.

Agreed but it would be easier to load the included Synology package ‘Media Server’

Yes and I would be happy to use Synology but it now not loading even slowly for some reason from either MuSo…

This really not normal, something is seriously wrong.
I doubt this is the Muso, yes it’s slow, but I would think about something upstream. What is your Synology CPU & RAM showing during these slow load periods.

CPU 1%. RAM 17% Trying to load from DYN Server for 3 mins now Mike…

Plex app on iPhone 11 opens fast and streams immediately…

Yes. Is there a way to make this chunk smaller and easier/quicker to load on Naim app…say a to k, l to s etc?

Not much wrong with that, wish my CPU & RAM had those numbers.
I’m not a Muso user so can’t help much.
All I can think of is trying a few long shots, clear the UPnP cache, a power cycle, reset to factory defaults

Reckon you are correct. As of now I can access Music Library on NAS using Plex and Naim app. But I cannot directly access NAS through Synology Server using Naim app on either MuSo! It just sits there! Ahh well…everyday is a school day!
Thanks everybody.I do appreciate your effort. D

Are you keeping the NAS, MuSo, switch and network powered up 24/7 ?
Are IRadio and Spotify working properly?
Is this a recent problem with Plex or has the setup never worked?
Have you always had 4TB of music? (that is quite large).
What are you trying to load/play from Plex - a single album?