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I’m streaming audio from my Samsung 8000 series TV to my brand new Mu-So generation 2 with bluetooth (this is just a temporary solution). There are two, very annoying problems:

  1. There are random audio stutters/very short drop outs in the BT stream.

  2. After about 20 minutes, the Mu-So goes into sleep mode, even though there is an active stream from my TV, hence the BT connection to the TV drops. (Sleep Timer i Off in the app. I have tried to set the Sleep Timer to 2 hrs, just to test, but the Mu-So seems to ignore the setting as it continues to go to sleep mode after ca 20 minutes.

I have not experienced any problems when I’m streaming from the TV to my Bose QC II head phones…

Mu-So SW v.:

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Will investigate

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Hi Jay.

The Muso MK2 bluetooth buffers a few hundred milliseconds of audio, as it’s really intended for music streaming / beaming audio from a phone to speaker. The solution declares this latency back to the source device so it can compensate for lip-sync.

In a TV it’s a live broadcast stream and we think that the TV can’t delay that much video to ensure video and audio are in sync. This results are the constant audio dropouts.

We recommend connect the TV using the HDMI ARC input using a suitable HDMI ARC cable. This will give the best quality sound, really tight lipsync and also TV and Muso will work as one on standby.

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Steve Harris
Software Director

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Ah, that explains the dropouts but what about the auto shut down problem?
It is much more annoying with problem no 2, when the MuSo decides to go to sleep after 20 minutes, while playing BT audio from the TV!



We think its going to standby as the constant drop/connect cycle is causing the product to not kick its standby timer. Our test team did some checks here and the standby ‘timer’ is being reset when playing Bluetooth audio that isn’t stuttering so we think this could be all related.

If you have something like an Android or iOS mobile phone, try connecting that using Bluetooth and see if that has the same issue in your system.

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I can confirm that streaming from iPhone os perfectly OK. From my Samsung TV it shuts off after 20 minutes. Dropouts are not that bad…
I’m aiming at HDMI/ARC however, BT would be nice to have as backup…

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