Mu So Gen 2 keeps resetting itself

Hi Community,
I keep having some issues with my Mu So Gen 2. Looking for help.

While listing to Internet Radio and Analog the Mu So suddenly stops playing, the LED on the side switches over to purple and a WiFi imitated by the Mu So appears.

The only way to get it back to normal operation is a hard reset (Pinhole 6 seconds) and new setup. Hitting the pinhole short to get it into WiFi setup mode gets the LED to blink purple but setup won’t be successful.


Thanks in advance!

It sounds like a classic network problem.
It’s as if you’re not getting a healthy wifi signal to the Muso.
Can you try the Muso really close to your wifi router, just to see if it works close by?
If it works in close proximity, then you’ll need to improve your wifi coverage in the location where you normally use the Muso.
Edit: Better still, try connecting it with an ethernet cable (even if just as a temporary measure to test it) and see if it still does it.

Thank you for your input.
Distance between Mu So and router is 2 -3 meters.

I have the feeling the Mu So doesn’t seem to like Mesh or WiFi AX. As said it resides pretty much next to the router.

Router / WiFi: Asus XT8 Zenwifi AX

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If it’s only 2-3 metres away, I’d still try a wired connection if only to establish if there is still a problem.

I use a Netgear Orbi Mesh router without any issues with my Naim products. Have you updated the ASUS router to the latest firmware (22/09/2020)? Also, check the Mu-So firmware is updated.

Thank you.
Firmware versions are:
Asus (Sept 22 2020)
Mu-Su 4.2.0 (6174)

It doesn’t happen constantly. Yesterday and today it has been working without issues.

Monitoring the situation.

I find it very odd that the Mu So suddenly jumps into setup mode.

It certainly doesn’t sound right but, I would still try it connected by ethernet cable if only to rule out wifi issues.

Same behavior with the cable. After some time (1 days or sometimes 2 or if I’m lucky 3) independently from the input used before (Spotify, Analog, HDMI) the Mu So suddenly becomes unresponsive, stays turned on with the violet light on.

The only relief is hard reset (6 seconds pinhole).

I think it’s time to contact your dealer.

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