Mu-so gen 2 new firmware with Tidal Connect

Just updated my Mu-so gen 2 with the new firmware with Tidal Connect.
Went flawlessly, so far so good.


The rollout has only just started - i’ll be posting full release notes shortly…

Please note - we do recommended a power cycle (unplug your Mu-so and reconnect after about 30 seconds) after the update as a precaution, as it’s a major update, but if you’ve updated and all is fine, that’s good!


And here you go with more info:

Rollout should be starting to come through on more units around now.


Maybe with Tidal connect I can not have multiroom?

Hi @Naim.Marketing
This update has also appeared in the Naim app for my Atom.
Is this an error?

Atom has a Firmware 3.8 update - different to the 4.3 update for Mu-so, but also essential for TIDAL users

Worked fine on my Mu-so Qb 2 without power cycle. I can use Multiroom also for Tidal Connect.


Really? :thinking:

Really :+1:

Just completed the update on my Muso 2

Worked flawlessly.

Only downside is I use Qobuz not Tidal. :smirk:

How I can select more than one Mu-so?

@Naim.Marketing can you help me?

Hi Tony, TIDAL Connect allows interaction with a single compatible product. Of course, you can then Multi-room via the Naim app to incorporate more Mu-sos.


If you were using AirPlay you could use its multiroom function to select more than one Muso.
With Tidal Connect you would be using Naim multiroom which you access from the Naim app. Go to the Play Queue screen to turn it on, then you can return to the Tidal app.

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Ok, as I thought, you need to use the Naim App for multiroom. Thank you

Yes, you have to use the Naim app for that. Never said anything different :wink:

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To clarify, you can still use TIDAL Connect - with TIDAL App as your control interface - once you have activated multi room in the Naim App.

  1. Select what you want to play in TIDAL App and start streaming to your Naim via TIDAL Connect

  2. Once it is playing, go to Naim App and activate multi room from the Now Playing screen

  3. Go back to TIDAL App to browse and play as required

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Ok Clare, thanks.
Just one question:
what is the advantage of using Tidal Connect instead of the Naim App directly?

You use the Tidal app instead of the Naim app which some people prefer

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It gives you access to all the features and functionality of the TIDAL App, if you prefer to use that rather than the Naim App.


I’d have done Step 2 first, then you get seamless play right from the start instead of faffing about after the music has started and getting that short dropout before multiroom kicks in :wink: