Mu-so gen 2 new firmware with Tidal Connect

I’ve experimented both ways, and found the 3 step method ensures TIDAL App is the key controller, but YMMV….

I really hope we get a TIDAL Connect like feature for Qobuz. I use Roon now but would be happy to stop paying for that,

Flashing Red…what do I do now?


There are several features within the Tidal app, which I prefer like it shows last tracks played or start one track from the recommendations and the app plays down the list etc…
And a nice feature of Tidal connect, it reactivates from the Tidal app even Muso was down overnight.

I wouldn’t worry. Connecting Qobuz over Chromecast actually gives you 24/96 hi-res

Forgive me, but I must be missing something… What is the advantage of streaming Tidal via either the Naim app OR Tidal Connect, vs just streaming directly from my phone or computer as I always have? Thanks in advance. Richard

I guess that would depend on what you mean by streaming direct from your phone or computer, and what device you are streaming to?

Sorry, I have both a MuSo and a QB… But FIRST generations for both, from my phone or computer using either Airplay

With Airplay, the computer or phone fetches the data from Tidal and then streams to the streamer. So it creates more local data traffic (which might tax wifi), uses more phone battery, and it’s subject to the limitations of Airplay (CD quality, which doesn’t matter though with Naim & Tidal as CD quality is the best you get anyway)

With Tidal Connect, the phone is just a remote and tells the streamer what to play, everything else is done by the streamer. Meaning less traffic and, if the streamer is wired, not adding load to wifi. And the phone can sleep.

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