Mu-So Gen2: Connection issues

Question to the round:

Every once in a while, my Mu-So Gen2 (wired via ethernet) refuses to wake-up from stand-by when I try to play music via the Naim app. The only way to get it accessible again is either to do a full power-cycle or alternatively switch on the TV that wakes-up the Mu-So via the HDMI-Arc connection, after which I can switch it back to playing music just fine. It almost feels as of the Mu-So goes into a deeper state of sleep than intended. My QB2 and my Naim HE do not exhibit the same behaviour, but are connected via Wifi.

Current set-up
Naim Mu-So Gen2: Wired ethernet
Naim Mu-So QB Gen2: Wi-Fi 5G
Naim Uniti Atom HE: Wi-Fi 5G
(All firmwares are up-to-date)

Ubiquiti Unifi Lite 16 switch in 100/1000 autosense with cat6 cabling
3 x Unifi U6 PRO in Mesh
No additional hubs or switches

Only one external device is connected to the Mu-So:
Samsung Qled 2020 via HDMI Arc

Anyone any ideas what could be the cause of this? I have reset everything to factory settings multiple times, including the network, but no joy.