Mu-So, Google Home & Naim app


Hoping you can help.

I wish to be able to say ‘Hey Google, play my Spotify playlist’ and have the sound come out of my Mu-So without any further intervention needed from me.

I’ve set the mu-so as the default speaker in the google settings. However each time I ask google to play something, I then also have to go into the Naim app and change the source to ‘Digital’

Is there a way to fix the default source in the app to digital and have music come straight out of my mu-so whenever I ask Google to play something?


I believe it will only currently work with Apple Music (or whatever they call it). I don’t believe it’s possible to ask it to play your uPnP server or other streaming service :frowning:

It works fine with me.
I have a Mu-so QB setup under Google home.
The Mu-so QB is located in Kitchen i.e the room name I designated in Google Home for it’s whereabouts.

I use an iPhone, but from inside the Google Home app.
I say “Hey Google, Play John Williams in the Kitchen” and it works fine.
I also tried it with a Spotify playlist using Siri after setting up the Mu-So in Apple Home.

I think it should work fine, but try using the location name over the speaker name.
Hope that helps!

Edit - I’m using a Mu-So QB 2nd Gen btw.

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Yes - it works for me as well - in terms of, I ask Google Home to play something and it will start playing via my Mu-So - however no sound actually comes out of the Mu-So - so I have manually switch the source to ‘Digital’ in the Naim app before any sound can be heard.

So I’m wondering if there is a way in the Naim app to set the default source as ‘Digital’ and have it stay on Digital

Hi Matt,

Probably me not understanding :wink:
But shouldn’t the Naim App be showing Spotify as the input?

Digital I thought was for an external ‘digital’ connection?
Can you elaborate on the setup?


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