Mu-so & Jumbo Frames - any problems?

I have an original Mu-So connected via wired ethernet to a Ubiquti Unifi Switch8 (US-8-60W) switch. I steam music using either Spotify or via uPNP to my Synology DS916+ NAS running Synology Audio Station (connected to the same switch).

I’m thinking of enabling Jumbo Frames on the switch to speed to file transfers (I have a photography habit). Am I likely to see any problems?

No idea, but why not give it a go? You can always switch back and you won’t be damaging anything.

Hi diwrosa, welcome to Naim forum

Why are you running Audio Station ??? Its intended to be for browsing & playing music stored on your NAS over the Internet, not for local streaming.
The Synology ‘Media Server’ or the 3rd party package Minimserver is intended for this.

My switch, Cisco, has jumbo frames support as a fixed feature, so go with it, if it crashes (but I don’t see why) you can always revert back.

I believe you should only use jumbo frames on a network if all you kit supports it or you can get into issue. Your Muso wont support it as Naim kit only has 100MB ethernet not 1GB

Quote from Netgear

When should jumbo frames be used?

Use jumbo frames only when you have a dedicated network or VLAN, and you can configure an MTU of 9000 on all equipment, to increase performance. A good example of this approach is a separate SAN or storage network. In all other situations, the effort of configuring jumbo frames everywhere on your network is not worth the marginal improvement, and has the potential of slowing down or breaking non-jumbo frame clients.

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

It’s pretty much the only thing I’ve found that supports “scrobbling” whilst playing from the NAS (with this).

Thanks for the responses. This is kind of what I was thinking and also why I was asking the question.

OK, no problems, I would still install one of the DLNA/UPnP media servers & see if the local streaming from NAS is better.

I believe the Muso like all Naim equipment uses standard Ethernet MTU size of up to 1500.
Unless you know you have a specific LAN/VLAN where ALL the segment devices and hosts on it can support larger sizes (jumbo frames) I wouldn’t do it at all, as you are likely to cause interoperability issues on the network or a performance hit.

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