Mu-so linking your Samsung QLED TV

Hi, I’ve got a 2nd generation Mu-so which I’d linked via HDMI to my Samsung QLED TV. For some reason the connection isn’t working, which I understand is a common fault. Any ideas how I fix this. I can use an optical cable, but when it worked I could use the Samsung remote to control the sound on the Mu-so. Any ideas as I’m really frustrated with this.

Hi, are you using an HDMI ARC output on the TV, not just a regular HDMI port? Is the TV set to output PCM stereo?

Hi, yes to both. It was working fine then just dropped the link. I think I’m going to reset everything and see how I go. I suspect it’s the TV rather than the mu-so.

I have been having similar issues with a Samsung 32" TV model UE32M5520 , the TV does not always switch the Mu-so on, the Mu-so was powering up then immediately down again 50% of the time. I reset the TV but to no avail. I contacted Samsung who did some online resetting of the HDMI ports and it all seems to be OK now. Strangely, on a large number of occasions, I still have the power on then off scenario but the Mu-So does eventually come back on and stay on.
I did some tests of the HDMI on a Panasonic 40" TV, this seemed to work slightly better but on some occasions, the Mu-so did not power on, then the TV “forgot” the Mu-so so I had to go into the apps menu to re-instate it.
The joy of trying to sort out problems between two manufacturers!!

The latest Uniti update fixed my issues (Philips TV), I think the update for mu-so should follow soon.

Tell m about it. The issue is with Samsung. I’ve reset the TV and it’s working at the moment. Hopefully it’ll stay that way!

Hopefully that will help. It’s such a stunning piece of kit.

I wasn’t sure when I first got it as I was expecting more bass compared to my old Sony sound bar. The bass is there but it’s not as artificial as with the sound bar. And you can never tire from looking at it!

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