Mu-so not responding

Had this a couple of times recently with my newly purchased Mu-so II. The app reports the above and won’t load. Music continues to stream but I can’t control it.

Only solution is to pull then reinsert the power cord, not an easy process given it’s location. Rebooting via the remote has no effect.

Any advice?

How is the Muso connected to your network? By Ethernet cable, Wireless or other?

Sorry, should have said. Ethernet.

Have you tried restarting your switch when this happens?

Probably isn’t the switch, as they are invariably robust, but it could well be the router that needs a restart.

Not invariably in my experience with several, but of course the router is another possibility rather than the switch, and indeed it could also be worth seeing whether a change of Ethernet cable resolves the issue.

Don’t use a switch but will try the router restart next time. Thanks.

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