Mu-so Qb 1 vs Qb2

I have a Mu-so Qb 2 for my bedroom TV. It’s a LG OLED and I just use the optical input on the Mu-so. However, during the warmer months we haul it downstairs and use it as a Roon endpoint out on the deck, and then haul it back up again when we go to bed.

That’s a little inconvenient at times, so I am thinking about just getting a second Mu-so. Since I really only use the optical input for the bedroom TV I am thinking about getting a Mu-so Qb Gen 1 for that on clearance (for $400).

Given my use case, can you think of any downside to the Qb 1 that doesn’t make this a great deal.

1st gen. Musos have rather poor 802.11g WiFi modules, so I would only chance it if you can use Ethernet.
There’s also no Chromecast, and if you wanted to use it with Roon it would have to be via Airplay, but otherwise for $400 it sounds like a good deal.
QB2 sound quality is supposed to be better, but I don’t have a QB1 so I couldn’t say how much of a difference there is.

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I recently replaced my Qb 1s with 2nd gen. The sound quality is better, but not by a mile. You’ll clearly hear it when A/Bing, but wouldn’t be so sure I could tell which is which if any significant time was in-between sessions.

@JosquinDesPrez Indeed as @ChrisSU mentions, worse WiFi, only (802.11g) 2.4GHz, and worse reception at that. No Chromecast, which is easily solved with a ChromeCast Audio dongle, but with only one port you’ll have to get a splitter/switch. Plenty available from Amazon and the likes, and a few have remotes as well.

That’s another thing, the Qb 1 doesn’t have a remote, so you’ll have to use the app. And don’t expect any updates like Tidal or Qobuz connect, Amazon HD etc. Apple HiFi perhaps as weirdly they did at some point add Airplay2.

There’s no large buffer like in the new generation streamers, so it’s more prone to hiccups when playing higher bitrate streams, especially an issue with the above mentioned WiFi limitations. But if you mostly use it for the TV, than that’s probably not an issue.

This all sounds very negative, but I do think the Qb1 is still an excellent device if you’re aware of and can live with the limitations.


I have a Qb1 using wireless and it’s absolutely rock solid now I have sorted out my network. It is less tolerant than other devices of poor wifi but improving your wifi, if necessary, will cost way less than the price difference between Qb1 and Qb2 . It will also benefit all your other devices - for example I can now stream HD video on my laptop at the bottom of a 100 metre garden. Qb1 does do Tidal and also you can play anything through it from any other Naim device via Multiroom.


[quote=“pev999, post:4, topic:17194”]
I have a Qb1 using wireless and it’s absolutely rock solid

Same here!


Thanks everyone for the feedback.

To be clear, if I get the Mu-so Qb 1 I really only need it for the TV, so all I would be using is the optical input for TV audio. Wifi and streaming features won’t matter: we won’t use any of those in the bedroom. As for the lack of a remote, I’ll just use the one from my Qb2, since it will bee used 100% as a Roon endpoint, and I already use the Roon controller on my iPad for volume control. Otherwise, I believe my dealer can get one for about $30.

With that all said, we are also considering leaving the Qb2 in the bedroom and looking out for a used [non-Qb] Mu-so 2. Obviously, that will be a big difference in cost, but it would be a nice upgrade for use on the deck and in the dining room.

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My QB1 wasn’t rock solid on Wifi, but that was also 2 firmware upgrades ago. I wired it after a few months, never looked back. Still I am tempted for the QB2, simply because of the corner DSP setting.
I’ve worked a lot on the surface it’s on, but the missus will not allow QB1 to be placed out of the corner. It can still sound boomy depending on the signal quality it’s fed. Especially when just switched on.

To follow up, my wife and I decided to get a Mu-so Gen 2 so I bought one today. The QB2 will remain in the bedroom permanently and no longer do double duty on the deck. The new Mu-so will be on double duty in the dining room and on the deck.


We consider to purchase a pre-loved Muso QB 1st generation for our garden house. It would be appr. 10 meters away from the nearest wifi mesh transmitter and it has to be connected wireless. Any advice on wether this would be sufficient to establish a solid wifi connection would be appreciated based on your experiences.



It depends how good your mesh system is. I run a QB1 and it has been rock solid after I got a Ubiquiti LR range extender. I can stream video at the end of a 70 meter garden.
Easiest way to check is to get a wifi strength testing app on your phone and compare how much signal is lost at your intended position. I find there are “hot spots” and “dead spots” which make a lot of difference to the signal.

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Thanks! Should have thought of that myself. :grimacing: Did a speed test just now and ping is 23ms and download speed is 59 Mbps with 0% loss of data. So good enough I suppose.

The WiFi modules in 1st gen. Musos are ancient 802.11g versions which most people would have considered obsolete when released, never mind now. The current models are much better.
You may find that with a good mesh setup it will still work, but I would suggest that you avoid it unless you have the option to test it in your chosen location for a while to ensure reliable performance.

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I have a Qb 1 and it runs flawlessly on mulit-room with my Nova. BUY IT! I have one and am thinking of grabbing another for the bedroom or a present. My assumption is Naim will keep them updated and viable. My store here in the States is running their “Christmas in July” event and have the version 1 Qb for $399 and the Mu-so for $749.


The problem with how well wifi works is that there are so many local factors to take into account when making comparisons. FWIW, I have a QB1 and my experience echos that of @airedog. I have no mesh system, just my ISP’s modem/router and the QB1 is perhaps 7 metres as the EM waves fly with two brick walls in between. I can stream local files, including HR material up to 24/96 (never bothered to try higher), as well as Qobuz, including HR, via multi-room from my Atom. The only things the QB baulks at are a few DSD jazz albums I have on the NAS.



Good lord, what a deal. I’m living in the wrong country…

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