Mu-so Qb 1st Gen as TV home cinema?

Newbie non IT / Sound buff / hifi dullard needs advice sorry!

I have a modern Samsung Smart TV and want to connect my first gen Mu-So Qb as a sound bar and then connect other surround speakers to make a home cinema experience / system.
I’M LOST. Is it even possible?
Can anyone please point me to a simple solution or do i dump the Mu-so Qb and buy a whole surround sound cinema / system ready to do a basic job (not top of the line)?

Any info much appreciated.

The Qb is stereo only (but then a very narrow almost single point source). And you cant use it within a surround system unless you use a home cinema amp and then utilise pre out signal for the centre speaker to feed to the Qb line in socket. Even then you would be sending a mono signal to a stereo line in.
I think you should look at simple home cinema set ups perhaps including packaged speakers. Richer Sounds have a yamaha amp + speakers incl sub for £329. It will get you surround in your lounge but it won’t be “top of the line”.

Next option would be something like a Sonos Beam soundbar @ £399, or the Playbase for £100 more. A sound bar is going to give you more surround effect, at least left/centre/right, which is what they are designed to do, and some can be partnered with a subwoofer for deeper thuds when Godzilla gets moving.

Obviously if you can stretch to the newest Naim Mu-so then you can take advantage of the hdmi connectivity but again with Naim it’s stereo only. But that would replace your Qb and beef up both your music listening and your tv sound substantially.

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@robert_h That is the best advice i think i’ve ever had from a forum.
THANK YOU so much for your time and wise words.
I’ll look into a few complete options!

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