Mu-So Qb 2 Power Cord and Floor Stand

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Apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone know what power cord the Mu-So Qb 2 requires? I have had builders renovating my flat, and they appear to have lost it. Really annoying.

Furthermore, does anyone have their Qb2 or their MuSo on a floor stand/wall mount? Would love to see creative set-ups people have ideated for their Naim kit!

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It’s just a standard wire with a Fig 8 plug.

A single stand for Neat Iota’s works well.

Thank you for your response! Is any Fig8 fine, or are there high(er) quality products that will do a better/safer job? Excuse my ignorance, just keen to replace like for like! Would hate to damage my nice speaker with an inexpensive cord.

If in doubt, I’m sure your dealer could source one from Naim. If I recall, you get two mains leads with a Qb, one with a UK plug and one with a two pin jobbie. At least, that’s what I got with my Qb 1. If you find the latter in the box it’s simply a case of putting a UK plug on it.

I’m sure any basic fig-8 lead would be fine. The UK version has a 3 Amp fuse in it, so you should ideally match it if buying an aftermarket lead. If you are not in the UK, your leads probably do not require the fused plug to comply with different local safety regs.

As everyone has said, it’s just a standard figure 8 power lead.

I made a stand out of some scraps of plywood and some pine. Noting too fancy, but it does the job.



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