Mu-so Qb and Bluetooth – not seeing it

Hey… just a question regarding the Bluetooth signal from the Mu-so Qb 2nd gen. I recently bought one and been really pleased with it so far, I control it from my desktop Mac via the app Airfoil. I’ve been trying to use Bluetooth today but I don’t see the Mu-so appear in the Bluetooth devices in my system prefs. With my other Mu-so original, I usually just see the device appear in the discoverable Bluetooth devices, but for this new Mu-so Qb I’m not picking anything up. The documentation says that the Qb should always be discoverable, or words to that effect, so I’m wondering why I wouldn’t be seeing it appear … Does anyone have any ideas? The Mac and Mu-so are only around 2m apart, so I don’t think distance is the problem here. Thank you.

You can check in the Naim app under settings/input, whether Bluetooth is enabled as such; and if enabled l whether it is „open for discovery“.

May that helps.

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Agreed re above point of checking if Bluetooth input is enabled in App.

One other point, though… Why not use AirPlay 2 rather than Bluetooth? Should sound better…

Hey, thanks for the replies… yes, you were right, I went into the app settings and noticed that Enable Bluetooth Pairing mode was switched off… so I switched it on and it was discoverable.

TBH I probably will continue too use Airplay via the Airfiol app for Mac, but I had a couple of instances where the connection dropped off and just wondered whether Bluetooth might be a way around that, so wanted to connect just to make sure the process was working.


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